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Setting zoom to 100%

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This article is about changing the magnification (zoom) setting in your web (internet) browser or on your computer.

ℹ️ For information on using the Zoom function in the Venngage Editor, refer to this article.

ℹ️ For information on how to troubleshoot download or printing issues with elements in your design appearing out of place, refer to this article

What is zoom?

The zoom or magnification feature on your web browser makes webpage content larger or smaller.

For the best experience in the Venngage Editor, we recommend that you set your web browser zoom to 100% (standard). 

Check the zoom on you web browser

Google Chrome

To access the zoom settings in Google Chrome click on the three dots in the top right corner, you’ll see a plus (+) and minus (-) symbol that you can use to adjust the zoom percentage there. Google Chrome Help describes in more detail how to change the zoom settings.
The Venngage website open in the Google Chrome web browser, with the three-dot menu open. The Zoom function is highlighted by a red arrow and box. It is set to 100%.

Mozilla Firefox

Select the three lines in the top right corner. On the dropdown menu near the word Zoom, use the plus (+)  or (-) buttons to adjust the percentage so that the zoom is set to 100%. Access Mozilla Firefox's step by step guide to change the zoom.

The Venngage website open in the Firefox web browser, with the three-line menu open. The Zoom function is highlighted by a red arrow and box. It is set to 100%.


The Safari web browser open to the Venngage homepage. The user clicks on the Settings menu and opens it, to the Page Zoom tab. The website zoom is set to 100%.

Open Safari. From the Safari menu, open "Settings" and the "Page Zoom" tab. Set the website to 100%. 

Set your computer zoom to 100% 


With a Mac computer you can change your zoom simply by using keyboard shortcuts:

  • Open Venngage in your browser. Hold down the Command  and 0 keys to make the computer zoom 100%

  • To increase the zoom by a percentage hold down the Command and + key.  To decrease the zoom by a percentage hold down the Command and - key. 


Open the Settings control panel. Click the System tab in the left sidebar. Under "Scale and layout", set the size in the drop-down menu to "100%". 

The Settings control panel open in Windows 10. The 'Settings' title is highlighted by a red box and numbered 1 in the process. Number 2 is System, in the sidebar menu, which is expanded. The first item under the System menu is Display, numbered 3. An arrow from Display goes to the drop-down menu in the view pane to the right, under the heading 'Scale and layout' and the text 'Change the size of text, apps, and other items. The menu is displaying 100%.

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