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A Guide for HR Professionals

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Renée Meloche
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From onboarding new hires to building your company's culture, Venngage has HR professionals covered.  Check out these resources that will help you accomplish your goals:

How to Create an Engaging Orientation & Onboarding Program for New Employees

A comprehensive guide to employee orientation and onboarding, including strategies for putting together your own custom program and multiple easy-to-use templates for handbooks, procedures, checklists and training.

A Guide to Creating an Effective Offboarding Process (with Customizable Offboarding Templates)

Learn more about what it means to off-board an employee, why the off-boarding process matters, and what it entails, and see examples of Venngage templates you can use to make the process as efficient as possible. 

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5 Easy Onboarding Hacks When You're Constantly Hiring

View this past webinar and impress your new hires even before their first day, and more.

30+ Hiring Flyers You Can Customize for Your Job Posting

Ready-to-go templates and outlines that make it easy to create customize flyers to engage prospective new team members and take the hard work out of hiring. 


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14+ Editable Onboarding Checklist Templates for Businesses

Effective onboarding is more than just showing a new hire where their desk is. Venngage for HR professionals makes it easy to create onboarding checklists and other employee communication materials like: 

  • Remote employee onboarding checklist
  • New employee training checklists
  • General onboarding templates
  • Onboarding process templates
  • Employee onboarding handbook

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Incident Report 101

A step-by-step guide on writing an effective incident reports, including: 

  • Incident Report Examples, Templates and Design Tips
  • Simple Incident Report Template
  • COVID-19 Employee Incident Report Templates
  • How to Write an Incident Report

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21 Engaging Performance Review Examples (with Tips From an HR Manager)

Learn these powerful performance review tips, packed with examples and including templates for your use: 

  • Useful performance review phrases
  • Performance review examples and templates
  • Self performance review examples
  • Quarterly and annual performance review examples

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How To Create A Fact Sheet For New Hires (with Infographic Examples)

Impress your new hires by creating a fact sheet for new hires, and help them feel more connected to the team from day one. Learn to: 

  • Make a simple outline
  • Choose an infographic template
  • Add quick facts about your company, including staff, values and benefits

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7 Strategies for Driving Employee Engagement

Invest in employee engagement, and you invest in your company's success. Learn more about how to grow enthusiasm, create support for employees, and increase retention with these tips and tricks: 

  • The importance of employee engagement
  • Drivers of employee engagement
  • Communication essentials for employee engagement
  • 7 strategies for driving employee engagement
  • Tips for creating visuals that engage employees

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10+ Customizable HR Report Templates & Examples

Use Venngage’s HR report templates and user-friendly visual editor to create eye-catching documents, and move on from those stale spreadsheets and passé PowerPoints. This article includes 8 easy-to-use template styles and tips for what your reports should include.

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