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Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Presenting complex, data-dense information can be engaging, easy-to-follow and enjoyable. Venngage has created multiple templates for teachers, students, and other academics in mind: 

25+ Free Online Teaching Resources

Optimize your lesson plans and keep students engaged with free resources compiled by Venngage, including: 

  • Free presentation, checklist and lesson plan bundles from Venngage
  • ACUE Online Teaching Toolkit
  • Top Hat Free Teaching Resources
  • Teaching Newsletter by The Chronicle of Higher Education, and more!

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27+ Lesson Plan Examples & Templates for Effective Teaching

Deliver an effective, inspiring and engaging lesson to keep learners on track and deliver your education goals. This guide includes the whys and whats of lesson plans, and includes templates for art, history, science, math, K–12 learners, eLearning and more. 

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Create an Engaging Online Course in 10 Steps (with Customizable Templates)

Customize Venngage templates for online learners that help you scale content to deliver information in an engaging way. Learn the best practices for developing courses for eLearning, including interactive elements, scenarios and case studies, multimedia, etc., in 10 easy steps.

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Distance Learning and How to Keep Students Engaged in an Online Classroom Setting

Make the new normal work for your learners with a how-to guide for keeping students engaged in an eLearning format and make your learning plans a little easier with customizable visual aids from Venngage. 

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How to Summarize Information for Presentations

Learn effective design strategies that will take your presentations from infodumps to effective communication, with tips including: 

  • How to prioritize and focus your core message
  • Strengthen your visuals and substitute them for text
  • Highlight topics to engage viewers and emphasize key points
  • Prompt your memory with effective slide labels
  • Apply design principles to keep your slides interesting, intelligible and memorable

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Essential Data Visualization Tips

Summarize and present data in a visually engaging way with these tried and true tips. 

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9 Types of Infographics

Learn which infographics work best to convey different types of information—and access easily customizable infographics in the Venngage Editor. 

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Eye-catching resumes

Templates and design tips that will help you land your dream job after graduation.

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