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Canceling your subscription

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We're sorry to see you go.
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Access your subscription details

Log into your account.

On the main page of the Venngage website, a user clicks 'Log in' in the top bar and types their email into the Log In widget that loads.

Access your account profile using this link, or click Account on the top menu and select "My Account" from the drop-down.

A close-up of the Account menu in the Venngage top bar; the 'My Account' option in the menu is highlighted by a red box.

Click the Subscription tab on the left toolbar of the Account page. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Cancel Subscription".

The user clicks the Account button in the top bar, from the Venngage homepage. The user clicks 'My Account' in the account menu. The page redirects from the Home page to the Account page, open to the Profile tab. The user clicks the 'Subscription' tab underneath the profile tab in the left sidebar, and scrolls down the page with their subscription details, to the header 'Manage Subscription'. Under this header, the user clicks 'Cancel subscription'.


Confirm your subscription cancelation

We want to hear from you. Leave us a rating and feedback about your cancelation, then click Cancel Account.

A user moves through the process for cancelling their subscription, which includes answering questions like rating Venngage's platform services on a scale, providing details about why they are cancelling their subscription, and leaving feedback in a comment box, before they click 'Cancel account'.

NOTE: To quit the cancelation process, click Wait, I'll Stay and return to your account page without making any changes to your subscription.

The user clicks 'Cancel account'. A widget pops up, with the heading 'Are you sure you want to cancel?' The user clicks 'Yes, Cancel', and is redirected to a page with the heading 'Your account has been successfully downgraded'.

Are you sure you want to cancel?

When you click "Cancel Account", a modal will pop up on your screen, asking you to confirm.

Click "Yes, Cancel" to confirm canceling your subscription

NOTE: To quit the cancelation process, click No, I'll Stay and return to your account page without changing your subscription.


Check your subscription status

Go back to your Account details page.

Click the "Subscription" tab to bring up your subscription details; under "Status", you should see "Canceled". 


A user access their Account page, and clicks on the 'Subscription' tab. The user's account reflects that their subscription is canceled in the right view pane of the page, where the header 'Subscription details' appears and under 'Status' it reads 'Canceled'.

If you see something you don't expect or need additional support making changes to your account, please contact our Support team via chat or email.


Questions or comments? We want to hear from you!

Chat with us using the messenger in our Help Centre, 
or email us at


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to Team sharing (Business plan) or Class sharing connections (Education plan) when I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription to a Business or Education plan, any designs shared with you in a "Team" or "Class" folder will become unavailable.

Anyone with an account connected to yours, like students' accounts on an Education plan or Team members on a Business plan, will be have their subscription updated to a Free plan. 

Will I have access to my paid features after I cancel?

You will have access to paid features on your account until the end of the billing cycle you have paid

For example: if you cancel a monthly subscription 15 days before the end of the monthly billing cycle and you have paid that month's subscription fee, you will have access to paid features for those 15 days.

When you cancel a subscription, you are indicating to our system that all future bills will be canceled.

How do I modify my subscription without canceling it?

Follow the instructions above to access the Subscription tab with your Subscription details under your account. 

Use the prompts on the Subscriptions tab page to upgrade or change your subscription plan. If you're already on a paid subscription, use the buttons under Manage Subscription. Refer to this article for more detailed instructions.


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