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Billing for Teams on Business

Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Business and Enterprise.

How much does it cost to add a Team Member?

Adding a guest to your account is free. For a Team Member, the cost depends on your plan type:

  • $49.00 a month per member on a monthly plan

  • $39.00 a month per member on a yearly* plan

Note: For the yearly plan, you will be billed $468.00 USD annually.

How do I upgrade or downgrade someone on my team?

Only the administrator of the plan can upgrade or downgrade a Guest or Team Member.

  1. Click My Team on the My Designs page.

  2. Click the Role drop-down of the member you want to upgrade or downgrade.

  3. Click the Upgrade button or the Downgrade button.

  4. Confirm the change.

  5. All done! If you upgraded a Guest to a Team Member, they can view, comment, share designs with their team, and collaborate in real-time. If you downgraded a Team Member to a Guest, they can only view and comment on shared designs.

What happens if a Team Administrator cancels their plan?

If a Team Administrator cancels their plan, everyone on their team will be removed. Billing will be stopped and all Team Members will be converted to free accounts. Once downgraded, Team Administrators will no longer be able to add anyone to their team.


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