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Why am I getting an error when trying to download?

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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I tried to download a PNG, PNG HD, PDF, Interactive PDF or PowerPoint of my design and got an error message.

You selected the correct file type to download your design, and a pop-up with the title "Download Error" came up instead. 

This error commonly occurs when the size of your design file is too large or your internet connection is unstable


Solution 1: Check the size of your design

Large designs take longer to download. Review the following questions:

  • Does your design contain several images, text boxes, icons, charts, or maps?

  • Does the design have several pages (over 30)?

  • Does the design contain a large image?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then the size of your design is likely interfering with your ability to download it all in one go.


Solution 2: Download your design in parts using page number ranges


In the editor menu above your design, click Download.

Chose Custom from the Select Pages drop-down menu.

Enter a range of numbers that corresponds to the pages you want to download.

  • If your design has 50 pages as a PDF document, enter 1-25 as the page range you want to download;

  • when you've downloaded the first half of your document's pages, repeat the process and download the remaining by entering 26-50 as the page range.

Select the file type you want to initiate the download. 


Solution 3: Check your internet connection

A weak internet connection slows down your download. Try another network and see if you run into an issue when you try to download there. Other websites run slowly if the internet connection is slow. 

If you only have one page and you run into this error, please reach out to us through chat or by emailing


I tried to download my design as an HTML file and got an error message.

You are trying to export your design as HTML, but you are getting a download error that looks something like this:

A screen grab of a pop-up titled that reads 'Download Error - Your design can't be exported as HTML because the following link(s) contain incompatible characters, such as %:' followed by two long URLs containing special characters. The message ends 'Please use a URL shortener or modify existing links to proceed with your export' and a green 'Got It' button.


A common reason for this is because one of the links in your design has an incompatible character like "%", "$" or "&" in it, and it's interfering with creating an HTML version of your design.

Using a URL Shortener like ShortURL, edit any hyperlinks in your documents.

Copy the URL address in your design and paste it into the URL shortener to generate a shortened version of the URL. Use the shortened URL in place of any long URLs containing special characters in your design.

Once you've ensured that the URLs in your design are compatible, export your design to HTML.

Please note that the HTML export feature is exclusively compatible with the Classic Editor.

Items on my page shifted when I downloaded my design

If items on your page (such as your text or icons) appear to have moved when you download, it could be an issue with your browser or with the zoom settings in your browser. 


Solution: Check your design in a different browser or check the browser's zoom settings

If the text, icons, or images still appear shifted when you download, please reach out to us through chat or by emailing


Part of my design is cut off or I have extra (blank) space at the bottom of my design.

If your design is cut off or you have extra space at the bottom of the page, the page size may be too small to optimally showcase your design.


Solution: Change the page size

Click Settings and adjust the page dimensions of your design manually or according to the listed standard sizes.

Screen Recording 2024-03-14 at 1.17.08 PM.gif

Click Publish, then Preview feature to check and see if the new height works for you.


Special characters in the text of my design are not showing up correctly.

Venngage fully supports the 26 characters in the Latin alphabet, including standard numbers and punctuation. There are a few fonts that support some Arabic and Chinese characters. Arabic and Chinese fonts can be found at the bottom of the font drop-down. 


Solution 1: Download a test copy of your design

Download a test copy of your design to ensure that all the characters are displaying correctly. Characters that look right in the Editor (because they're supported by Venngage or your browser) may not export correctly if the font itself does not include special characters or foreign accents.


Solution 2: Use the font feature of My Brand Kit

Upload your own font file with special characters to Venngage's Custom Font feature by upgrading to a Business account. This works for languages that do not use the Latin alphabet, but in some cases, only Latin characters are supported.


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Curious about upgrading? Compare our plan features side by side.

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