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Editing smart widgets

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Double-click into a smart widget to change any aspects of its appearance. This includes the text in a widget; if you want to edit it, simply double-click to select the text and start typing with your device's keyboard to change it, or paste in new text.

Change an icon

For smart widgets that come with an icon or photo image, double-click on the icon/image to bring up the Replace menu and select a new icon or image to replace it in the widget. 

Change the color

You can change the color of Shapes in widgets. 

Click on the shape in the widget. In the top toolbar, open the Color Tool and use the color wheel (or Brand colors or Swatch colors) to change the color of the shape. 

Change border appearance

You can also change the color, style and weight of the border of the shape in a smart widget. 

Click on the Color Tool in the top toolbar for the border (instead of a solid square, it appears as a square border, next to the shape fill Color Tool icon). From the Color Tool, you can change:

  • the border width, using the slider (or enter the px value into the text field)
  • the style of the border (solid line, dashed line or dotted line)
  • the color, using the Color Wheel or the Brand or Swatch color tiles; entering the HEX code; or using the eyedropper
  • the opacity (using the slider)

Style text 

Double-click into the text in the smart widget. The text tools will appear in the top toolbar. 

Style text to be bold, italic, underline; change the font using the Font drop-down; change the font size, text color, alignment or spacing, or add a bulleted or numbered list in the widget. 

You can also add hyperlinks to text using the Link tool.

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