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Why did the fonts change in the text when I opened my download file in PowerPoint?

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Presentation files can be created in the Venngage Editor and exported in a file format compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and other apps that support presentations.

Fonts may not display correctly when you open your downloaded file in another presentation tool; this can happen if the file associated with the font you used in the Venngage Editor isn't available in the app you're using to modify your file, or if you don't have the font file on the device you're using to modify the file. There are a couple ways to address this: 

  • Download the font file to your desktop. Install the font, and close the presentation file without saving it. Reopen it in the application and check that the font is available; it should display correctly. Still not working? Try downloading the file from the Venngage Editor again, then reopen it in the application on your device. 
  • Use a different, similar font. Google Fonts offers a bunch of packs you can preview and download for free.
  • Create text images instead of text boxes. If you can't get the original font file or it's not displaying correctly, you can create custom images (we suggest using *.png files for a transparent background) and upload them in the Venngage Editor, and use them as you would text boxes. This works best for things like headings and larger text; keep in mind that the resolution of the images should be high enough to scale.


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