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Remove a design from Team Templates

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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From the Home page, click "Team Templates" in the left sidebar.

On the Home page, a user moves their cursor to the left sidebar and clicks 'Team Templates'. The Team Templates page loads, displaying thumbnails of the designs that have been shared to Team Templates.


Move your cursor over the template you want to delete.

Click the trash icon in the top right corner of the thumbnail.

Click Delete on the modal to confirm, and permanently delete the template from the Team Templates page. To exit without deleting, click the 'X' in the top right corner of the modal.  On the Home Page, a user has selected Team Templates from the left sidebar. In the right view pane, there are several design thumbnails visible; at the top of the page, text reads 'You have 10 templates'. The user moves their mouse over the top left design thumbnail; when their cursor is over the design thumbnail, two options appear over the thumbnail: 'Create' and 'Preview'. At the top right of the thumbnail, a trash can icon appears. The user clicks the trash can icon and a modal appears over the screen that asks 'Are you sure you want to delete this template?' The user clicks the 'Delete' button on the modal and the modal closes; the page reloads and the template thumbnail is no longer visible. At the top of the page, text reads 'You have 9 templates'.


Note: Deleting a template from Team Templates will remove it from the Team Templates page; the template it was created from under the user's My Designs page will remain in tact and unchanged. Deleting a design shared to Team Templates will not remove it from the Team Templates page.



Business users can save templates for other members
of their organization to create copies of in Team Templates,
or share collaborative designs for members to
work on together in Team Designs

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