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Adding text to an accessible design

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Add a text box for titles, headings and paragraphs to your design using the left sidebar Text tool.

Click Text (or Tab + Spacebar to select) in the left sidebar. From the Heading and Paragraphs options, choose the type of text you want to add to the canvas.

A partial view of the upgraded Venngage Editor shows a blue canvas. A user clicks on Text in the left sidebar and a panel opens from the left hand side, slightly displacing the canvas. The user moves their cursor over the different categories of text box presets available, which include: Text, Subtitle, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 and Paragraph. A 'Show More' drop-down appears under these categories; the user clicks on the show more and several more heading options appear. The user clicks on the Title category and adds a text box to the canvas. The text appears in the same styling as the Title category under the Text widget in the left sidebar: large, black text in a sans-serif font. The text in the box reads 'Click to edit text'. 


By default, text boxes appear with the text 'Click to edit text'. Click into the text box or use the keyboard (use Tab to select the text box and then Enter to select the text inside) and type your desired text. 

NOTE: The text type that you choose can be customized (size, font, etc.) to appear the way you want it to on the canvas, but will automatically be tagged with the category you selected it from (e.g., "Title" or "Heading 1" or "Paragraph").

You can change these text tags so that they better indicate the text's position in your completed design.

Other ways to customize text


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