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Use custom fonts in your designs

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Renée Meloche
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Upload a custom font to use in the Editor with the My Brand Kit tool. 

Upload a custom font

Set up a new Brand Kit or edit an existing Brand Kit and add one or more custom fonts. 

A partial view of Venngage's Manage Brand page. In the third column, a user clicks the Upload Font button under the Uploaded Fonts heading. A file explorer window from the user's device opens, overlaying the screen, and the user selects an .otf font file and opens it. A modal (box) replaces the file explorer window, with the heading 'Upload your font'. Text on the modal directs the user to confirm that the font they are uploading is not under copyright or other license prohibiting its use. The user clicks the check box to confirm and then clicks the Upload font button on the modal, and the modal displays a progress bar as the font is uploaded. When the progress bar is full, the modal indicates that the upload is complete before it automatically closes. Under the Uploaded Fonts heading in the third column on the Manage Brand page, the font the user has uploaded is visible.

Custom fonts added to a Brand Kit are then accessible from inside the Venngage Editor. 

Use your custom font in the Editor

Open your template in the editor.

Click an existing text box or add a text box to the page

Highlight the text that you want to apply to your uploaded font.

Click the font drop-down menu and select your font from under the Uploaded Fonts heading of the menu.

Delete an uploaded font

Access the Manage Brand page. Click on the brand you want to remove the font from. 
On the editing page for a brand kit entitled Puppy Paddle, three columns are visible. The first two show brand logos and colors, including a simple line icon of a dog swimming and colors in different shades of grey and blue. A user clicks on the drop-down menu under the sub-heading 'Header', which appears in the third column labelled Brand Fonts. The menu reveals a list of fonts. The user chooses a different font and clicks out to close the menu. The user then clicks on the trash can icon that appears underneath the heading Uploaded Fonts, next to a custom font face name. A modal opens over the page asking the user to confirm they want to delete the font; the user clicks Delete, and the modal closes. The font is no longer listed under the Uploaded Fonts heading.

In the Brand Fonts column, find the font you want to delete under Uploaded Fonts section and click the trash can button next to it.

Confirm the deletion in the pop-up by clicking the green Delete button.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of font file can I upload?

You can upload the following kinds of font files:

  • Open Type Font (.otf)

  • True Type Font (.ttf)

  • Web Open Font Format (.woff)

Upload any font file under 10MB. Fonts with Latin characters are compatible with Venngage's Editor.

Use an up-to-date browser, like Firefox or Google Chrome, to upload *.tff files. 

What subscription do I need to access to the upload fonts feature?

To access the font upload feature, you need a Business subscription. You also have to be the administrator of the Business account and not a team member. The uploaded fonts will show for other team members after the administrator of the account has uploaded them.

What is font licensing?

A font license is similar to a patent that protects the usage of that font. All fonts have licenses, even free fonts like those found on Google Fonts. Ensure that you have the right to use a font before you upload it to Venngage.

What happens when I delete a font, or downgrade from a Business subscription?

Custom fonts used in your designs, whether you delete them from a Brand Kit or downgrade to a subscription that no longer supports custom fonts, will remain in your designs.


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Business and Enterprise.

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