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Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Preview designs from the My Design page or from inside the Editor, to see how your designs will look outside of the Editor before you download or publish them. 

Preview from the My Designs page

When previewing from this page, the design you preview will reflect the last changes you made in it at the time of them most recent auto-save

Access the My Designs page and move your cursor over the design you want to preview.

Click the kebab menu (three vertical dots) next to the title of the design to open the menu. 

A close-up of four design thumbnails on a user's My Designs page. A user hovers their cursor over the first of the thumbnails, 'Planet Color Map'. Beside the design title, a kebab menu of three vertical dots is visible; the user clicks the kebab and opens a menu. The options from top to bottom are: Preview, Make a Copy, Save a Template, Move to Folder and Delete Design. The user clicks 'Preview'.


Click "Preview". A preview version of your design will open in the web browser in another tab or window.


Use the arrows to move between pages in a multi-page design, or click the four arrows at the corner of the preview to view the design in full screen mode.


Turn on sharing to share the design with other members of your Team.

Copy a public link that you can send via email or message to anyone you want to share your design preview with. Anyone with the link and view your design and leave a comment on it (if they are signed into a Venngage account).


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