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Create a Group in your organization (Admins)

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"Admins" are users with an administrator role on an Enterprise account.

Admins can use Groups in a similar way to other users on an Enterprise account, but Admins have more control over any of the Groups within the organization, not just the ones that they create.

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Create a Group in your organization

Admins can create public or private Groups in their organization.

Create a Group by clicking on "Add Group" in the left sidebar (accessible from the Home page, under your organization name and any other Groups).

A user clicks on Add Group under their organization name in the left sidebar of the Venngage homepage. The Add Group link appears with a square plus sign beside it, underneath other Groups names in the organization. The Add Group modal appears, overlaying the page, and the user enters the Group name Dream Team into the modal field for the Group name. The user then selects that the group status is Public, and clicks Add Group; the modal closes and the page redirects to the new Group Page, with the heading Dream Team.

Or create a new Group from the Groups page by clicking the green "Add Group" button in the top right-hand corner.

A user clicks on the name of their organization in the left sidebar of the Venngage homepage, where it appears below other navigation options, including My Designs, My Templates, Manage Brand and Team Templates. The organization's Groups page opens in the right view pane, showing a list of all the Groups in the organization with their member details. The user clicks the Add Group button in the top righthand corner, and the Add a group modal appears overlaying the page. The user enters the Group name Dream Team 2 and clicks Add Group. The modal closes and the page redirects to the new Group Page, with the heading Dream Team 2.

Type the name you want to give your group into the "Group name" field in the "Add a group" modal (box) pictured below:

A close-up of the Add a group modal (box) described as described above. The modal heading reads Add a Group and shows a text field where the user can enter their Group's name. Underneath this is the heading Access within the organization and beside it is a drop-down where the user can chose where the Group type is set to Public or Private.

Choose how others in your organization will be able to interact with the Group by selecting "Public" or "Private" from the menu beside "Access within the organization".

  • Public Group: Members will be able to see the designs and folders in this Group whether or not they have joined; Members can add themselves to this Group.

  • Private: Members will not be able to see designs and folders in this Group unless they have joined or created the Group themselves; Members must be invited by the group creator or an Admin in order to join the Group.

Click the green "Add Group" button to create your Group.

Your new Group will appear in the left sidebar of your Home page under your organization, and in the Groups list page.

Here's a quick overview of what we covered in this section:


Part of creating and setting up a Group includes
making it public (anyone in your organization
can see it and ask to join)or private (only members
you invite can see it), but no worries if you change
your mind; you can always change the Group type
under the organization Group page in the future.
Find out how.

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