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Venngage is proud to offer a new suite of customizable, accessible designs in an upgraded version of our Editor that includes features that let you test the accessibility of your designs.


Why accessibility?

Design with accessibility in mind. Create accessible designs that let any person access and understand the information you are presenting.

What is accessibility?

Accessibility is focused on creating an equal opportunity for any person to engage with information, products, services, tools, and content without barriers, regardless of circumstances, disabilities or impairments.

Digital accessibility operates under a set of guidelines meant to ensure that everyone can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with information on the internet, regardless of ability.

Disabilities or impairments to accessing text or a design can include things like:

  • blindness or visual impairment

  • temporary injury that makes it harder to use a computer or read

  • dyslexia or other learning disabilities

  • situational barriers like spotty or slow internet connection, or outdated software.

With accessible templates, Venngage can help you create engaging, eye-catching designs more accessible to any reader.

Where do I find Venngage's accessible design templates?

Create from our new accessible templates and use our accessibility checker to ensure your designs are accessible.

Is there an accessible design template you'd like to use but can't find? Did you experience any issues while editing any of these templates? Reach out to us at by clicking here.


What qualifies an accessible infographic or design?

Venngage makes it easier for you to check that your design meets accessibility standards.

Use the "Check Accessibility" tool to identify any elements of your design that might present a barrier to a reader, such as:

This tool will identify areas for improvement and suggestions for how making your design more accessible, based on the WCAG accessibility standards.

What is the most accessible download format?

A PDF (Portable Document Format) file contains embedded information (tags, not visible in the document but part of its source code) that is compatible with assistive technology used by people with disabilities or in need of additional support.

The suggestions within the Venngage Check Accessibility tool align with current PDF/UA standards. This set of international standards allows people with disabilities who use assistive technology like screen readers or screen magnifiers to navigate and read content in a PDF.

More accessibility resources:

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