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Style links to make them more accessible

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Hyperlinked text functions to take readers of content to a specific address, either in the same document, to an external web address, or to create an email addressed to a specific an email address. Embedded links appear in context in text or in a structured context, like a navigation menu or a in a list of linked resources.


Style links with underline and background color

Underline your links and use a color that has at least 4.5:1 contrast with the background color, and at least 3:1 contrast with the paragraph text color.

Write clear and accessible link text

A reader should be able to understand the purpose of a link from the link text alone. The text should indicate the purpose or destination of the link, using language that is:

  • specific

  • succinct

  • clear

Avoid generic link text like “Click here” or “Read more” like this:

Instead, embed the link in the text that is related to the link you're providing, like this:

Clarify image links

Embedding a link in an image can make it confusing for someone using a screen reader or other accessibility tool that describes the image to them. If you embed a link in an image, include the purpose and address of the link in the alt text of the image.


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