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Identify the document language

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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When a reader is using an accessibility tool like a screen reader, identifying the language the document is written in is crucial; it allows the tool to render and "read" the document more accurately, with the correct pronunciation.

Ideally, your document should be written in one consistent language; consider creating additional versions in different languages to meet the needs of other readers.Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Set the document language

In Venngage's upgraded Editor, you can identify the language your document is written in, providing useful metadata for screen readers and PDF accessibility tools.

From the File Menu above the top toolbar

Open the Accessibility menu from "File", above the top toolbar in the Editor. At the bottom of the Accessibility Menu, select "Set document language", as pictured below:

The 'File' menu in the upgraded Venngage Editor is selected, with a drop-down menu sequence displaying 'Accessibility' and then another folder with three options: Check Accessibility, Edit reading order, and 'Set document language', which is highlighted in grey.

Select the language of your document from the drop-down menu in the "Document Language" pop-up modal (box).

A pop-up modal (box) with the heading 'Document Language' appears, overlaid on a section of a design in the Venngage Editor. The text under the heading reads, 'Setting the document language enables screen readers to read content with appropriate pronunciation.' A link under the text reads, 'Learn more about document language.' Below the link, a drop-down menu appears. It is set to 'English'. A green 'Save' button appears in the bottom-right corner of the modal, next to the word 'Cancel'.

Click "Save" to set the document language.

From the Accessibility Checker panel

Check the Accessibility of your document to bring up the Accessibility Checker panel.

Open the Document Language heading in the Accessibility Checker. Review the information on the panel.

Edit the document language by clicking "Edit" next to where the document language is displayed. In the screenshot below, it is set to "English".

A close-up of the Accessibility panel in the upgraded Venngage Editor. The panel has two tabs: Check Accessibility, and Edit Reading Order. The first tab is open; beneath the heading, a notification banner indicates 8 issues were detected in the document. The 'Document Language' section is expanded, and instructions in it describe how to confirm the document language for screen readers.

Select the language of your document from the drop-down menu in the "Document Language" pop-up modal (box).

Click "Save" to set the document language.


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