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Signing in with SSO (Single Sign On)

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Available on the Enterprise Venngage subscription plan.

Enterprise users can use single-sign on (SSO) to simplify logging into their Venngage account. We make it easy for you and other users on your Enterprise plan to use your preferred SSO provider.

A user enters this account information into the Venngage login portal, using the OKTA single sign-on portal to log into their account. Thy are redirected to the home page of Venngage. 

Enable Single-Sign On (SSO)

Contact your account manager to set up SSO for your account.

Email the account manager with your request or book a call with them through your Venngage account page. They'll reach out to our team to enable SSO with your preferred provider.

Sign in with SSO

When SSO is enabled, log in to Venngage with the SSO option. Your SSO log in option will appear underneath the fields for your email and password (Venngage's default login) with the text "Log in with [Your SSO Provider]".

Click on it to be redirected to your SSO provider login portal and enter your credentials; you will be redirected to Venngage when you have entered and submitted your information.

A close-crop of the login modal on the Venngage website. Fields for the user to enter their email address and password appear.

Troubleshoot SSO issues

If you're having trouble signing on with SSO—getting an error message or otherwise not able to sign in—try resetting your password through your SSO provider, through the SSO website (e.g., OKTA, FusionAuth, etc.).

You can also give your account manager a call or send them an email and we'll do what we can to help out. 

To reset your Venngage account password, log in using your email address and original password.


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