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Invite Members to your Group and manage your Group (Members)

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"Members" are users with normal permissions (non-administrative) on an Enterprise account. 

As a Member, you can:

  • invite other Members in your organization to join a public or private Group you created;
  • invite a guest outside your organization's Enterprise account to view the designs in your Group;
  • remove any Member(s) from your Group; or
  • invite yourself to join a public Group in your organization.

Invite a Member to join your Group

Access the Group you want to invite a Member to.

Click on the name of your Group in the left sidebar from the Venngage homepage. You can also access your Group by clicking on the name of your organization in the left sidebar and clicking on your Group name in Groups list.

From the Group's main page, click on the Members tab. You can find this tab at the top of the Group page, to the right of the Group Name and the "Designs" tab.


The Members tab will load a list of all the Members currently in your Group.

A user clicks on the Group 'Business Team' in the left sidebar. The Groups page loads, showing multiple design folders. At the top of the page, next to the Group name, the tab 'Designs' is underlined in blue. The user mouses over the tab 'Members' to the right and clicks.


Click the green "Add Members" button to the top right of the list.

On the main page of a Group, a user clicks the 'Members' tab as described above. A list of the Members in the Group loads, and the user clicks the green 'Add Members' button. The user types into the text field in the 'Invite Members' modal (box) that appears; a list of Members opens underneath, and the user clicks the name of the user they want to invite. The user clicks '+ Add another' under the first text field and repeats the process. The user then clicks the green 'Send Invite' button at the bottom of the modal. A message appears that says 'Invite sent' and shows the email addresses of those who had been invited.



Start typing the name or email address of the Member you want to invite in the "Invite Members" modal (box) that appears.

As you start to type, Members who are already registered to your organization's Enterprise account will appear as automatic suggestions as you type. Click on the Member you want to invite. You can add as many as you want, as long as those Members aren't already in the Group.

Remove the name of a Member you don't want to invite by clicking the "x" at the end of the text field where their email address appears in the Invite Members modal.

A close-up of the Invite Members modal (pop-up). Two text fields appear under the Invite Members heading; each of the text fields has an 'x' at the right end of the text field box. A user clicks on the 'x' beside the second email address, removing it. Underneath the text field, the text 'Add another' appears to the right of a plus sign; at the bottom of the modal, a green 'Send Invite' button appears. 


Click "Send Invite" when you're ready to send those invites out and add Members to the Group. You'll see a pop-up with the email addresses of the Members you invited after you click "Send Invite". The Member(s) will receive an email notification that they've been invited.

Invite a guest to view Group designs

Use the same process for inviting a Member to a Group to invite someone outside your organization to view designs shared in a Group.

Type in the email address of the guest and click outside the text field or hit Return (the Enter key) to confirm; then click "Send Invite" to invite them to view the Group.



Guests who are invited to view designs
in a Group in your organization have to
register for a Venngage account and log in
to access the Group. Guests can only view
designs shared in the Group, not edit them.
Guests cannot see any of the organization
Groups they have not been invited to join.


Remove a Member from your Group

As a Member, you can remove any Member from any Group you created.

Access your Group. To do this, click the name of your Group in the left sidebar, under your organization name, or click the name of your Group on your organization's Groups list page.

Click on the Members tab at the top of your Group's main page, beside the name of the Group and the "Designs" tab. This will open a list of the Members in the Group.

Click on the three dots (meatball) menu at the end of the row where the Member's name appears in the list, beside their Role.

Click "Remove User". A "Remove Member" modal (box) will appear that will advise you that remove the Member from the Group will remove any designs they've shared from the Group. You can click "Cancel" or the "x" at the top right corner of the modal to exit without removing the user.

Click the red "Remove" button to remove the Member from the Group.

On the page of a Group called 'Business Team', a user clicks on the 'Members' tab at the top of the page. The page loads, displaying a table with the name, email address and role of the group members. The user clicks on the kebab (horizontal three-dot) at the end of the row line of one of the members in the Group. This expands an option to remove the user; the user clicks on this, and a modal appears over the page, prompting the user to confirm that they are removing the member of the Group.

Join a public Group in your organization

As a Member you can add yourself to any public Group in your organization, the same way you would invite a member to join your Group.

Open the Group, and type your email address into the "Invite Members" modal (box), then click "Send invite".

You'll get an email with a link to the Group, but you can just refresh your browser to update the Members list and see yourself added to the Group.


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on Venngage's Enterprise subscription plans.

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