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Sharing with an Enterprise Group (Members)

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Groups are ideal for sharing designs with specific users in your organization, and collecting them all in one place where you can collaborate and share feedback with Group Members.

You can share your own designs in any Group you created or joined, and remove your designs from any Groups you've shared them in.

Share a design in a Group

There are a couple ways to share a design in a Group. You can share a design from your "My Designs" page, or from within a design that you're working on in the Venngage Editor.

➡️ From your My Designs page

From the My Designs page, click "Share".

From the Venngage My Designs page, a user hovers over the preview tile of a design and clicks Share. A 'Share this design' modal (box) appears, and the user types the name of a group into the text field under 'Share with groups'. The user then scrolls down in the left sidebar under their organization name and selects the Group they shared the design to. When the user clicks on the Group, the design they shared is visible in that Group's page.

➡️ From a design you're working on in the Editor

From inside the Editor, click the green "Share" button, located to the right in the top toolbar, between the "Preview" button and the comment icon.

From the Venngage editor the user clicks the green Share button in the top toolbar. A 'Share this design' modal (box) appears, and the user types the name of a group into the text field under 'Share with groups'. The user clicks Share and then 'Don't Send' on the optional notification email box.


In the "Share this Design" modal (box) that appears, enter the name of the Group(s) you'd like to share your design with. Autocomplete will bring up matching Groups in your organization that you have created or joined as you start to type.

Select the Group(s) you want, then click "Share".



Notify members in your Group when you share
new designs! When you select Group(s) to share your
design in from the Share modal, a second box appears
asking "Would you like to share this design
to your team by email?" Type a custom message into
the text field and click "Send", or, to share without
sending a notification email, click "Don't Send".


Members of the Group will be able to see your design and access it by clicking "Edit"; they can make changes to the design, work on it with you and other Group Members in real-time, and leave comments on the canvas.

View the designs you've shared with each Group by clicking on the Group name under your organization name (located in the Home page left sidebar).

Remove a design from a Group

You can only remove designs that you have shared from a Group. This won't affect the design; you can still access it from "My Designs", but it will no longer be visible to Members of the Group you shared it with.

[Video description: A user sharing a design in Venngage with a Group as described above, and then unsharing the same design, as described below. End.]


TIP: Watch the video above from the 0:55s 
mark to see a user unshare a design
from a Group.


Remove (unshare) a design from a Group by clicking "Share" on the design preview tile in your "My Designs" page,

This will bring up the same "Share this Design" modal box that allowed you to share the design, and will display a list of whichever Group(s) you already shared the design with, under the header "Shared with".

Next to the name of the Group you want to remove the design from, click the down arrow beside "editor" and select "unshare design". Close the modal (box).

The design has been removed from the Group.

On a Group page, a design named 'Download Format' is visible. The user clicks on My Designs in the left sidebar and mouses over the preview tile for the 'Download Format' design that was shared in the Group. The user clicks Share. In the modal (box) that appears, the user clicks the name of the Group the design is shared in, and to the right of the Group name clicks on the down arrow next to where the Group is labelled 'Editor'. A menu appears with the word 'Editor' checked and 'Unshare design' underneath it. The user clicks 'Unshare design' then closes the modal, and clicks on the Group name in the left sidebar. The 'Download Format' design is no longer shared in the Group.


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on Venngage's Enterprise subscription plans.

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