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Create a Group in your organization (Members)

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Users registered as Members on an Enterprise account plan can create Groups, share designs in Groups they are a part of, and invite other Members to join and share collaborative designs in Groups.

Groups makes inviting other users on an Enterprise account efficient and easy. Create Groups and invite Members; share designs with those Group Members only; use Folders to organize designs in a Group. We've laid out all that and more below.

NOTE: This article describes how Members on an Enterprise account can use Groups. Check out our series on what Admins can do in Groups.


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For a complete overview
of what you can do as an Admin, 
check out our VIDEO Quick Start Guide.

Create a Group

From the left sidebar

Create a Group by clicking on "Add Group" in the left sidebar (accessible from the Home page, under your organization name and any other Groups):

  • Click on "Add Group" in the left sidebar. You can access the left sidebar from the Home page of the Venngage website; the same sidebar also includes links to My DesignsMy TemplatesMy Brand Kit, etc. 
  • In the "Add a group" modal (pop-up) that appears, type in the name of the Group.
  • Set the Group Type in the drop-down beside "Access within the organization". Learn more about Group Type
  • Click "Add Group" to create the new Group.



Not sure who needs access to your new Group? 
No worries. Set the Group Type to
PRIVATE or PUBLIC when you create the Group; 
you can always change this under the organization
"Group" page later!


From the Groups page

You can also create a new Group from the Groups page.

  • Click on your organization name where it appears in the left sidebar, below "Manage Brand" and the horizontal divider. 
  • Click on the Groups tab in the right viewing pane of the page. These tabs appear at the top of the page, next to the name of your organization. When you click the link in the left sidebar, it should open to the Groups tab automatically, but if you click over to the "Members" tab, click back to Groups tab.
  • Click the "Add Group" button at the top right side of the page.

Name your new Group

Type the name you want to give your group into the "Group name" field in the "Add a group" modal (box). 

A close-up of the Add Group modal pop-up. The heading 'Add a group' appears over a text field with the prompt text 'Group name', where a user can type in their preferred Group name. Underneath the text field, the heading 'Access within the organization' appears, and to the right of it the text 'Public' appears with a downward arrow next to it, indicating the drop-down menu there. Underneath the heading is the text 'Other users in the organization will be able to see and join this group.' At the bottom of the modal, a 'Cancel' button appears beside an 'Add Group' button, which is greyed out as the Group name text field is empty. 

Set the Group Type to Public or Private

Select "Public" or "Private" from the menu next to "Access within the organization" to determine how others in your organization will be able to access your Group.

  • Public Group:

    • other Members in your organization will be able to see the designs and folders in the Group whether or not they have joined

    • other Members can add themselves to this Group

  • Private:

    • other Members in your organization will not be able to see designs and folders in this Group unless they are an Admin or you have invited them to join the Group

    • other Members must be invited by you, or an Admin, or request an invitation in order to join this Group

Locate your new Group

Access your new Group from the left sidebar. Your new Group will appear in the left sidebar of your Home page under your organization, and in the Groups list page.

The My Designs Home page of Venngage open, with a users's designs visible in the right view pane. The left sidebar has a dark red square highlighting the section below Team Templates, where three Groups are displayed under the organization name Venngage.

Change Group type (public or private)

As a Member, you can manage other Members' access to your Group(s) by setting the Group type to "Public" or "Private".

You can set your Group to "Public" or "Private" when you create the Group, or change it after you've created your Group.

To change your Group to "Private" or "Public", click on the name of your organization in the left sidebar from the Home page to access your organization's Groups list.

On the "Groups" page, locate your Group in the list. Under the Group Type column, click the down arrow next to the type (either "Private" or "Public") to bring up the options; select the type you'd like to change the Group to and click to select it.

What do I do with my new Group?

Now that you've created a shiny new Group, you can:

The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on Venngage's Enterprise subscription plans.

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