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"Members" are users with normal permissions (non-administrative) on an Enterprise account.

Members can view the Groups in their organization created by other users as well as the Groups they create; they cannot access Group Member lists of Private Groups. 

View other Groups in your organization

Click on the name of your organization from the Home page in the left sidebar menu to bring up the Groups page.

This page lists all of the Groups (public and private) in your organization.

The user clicks on the organization name Venngage in the left sidebar from the Home page. The page loads, showing two tabs: Groups and Members. The user clicks on Groups. The page shows a table with listed 'Group Name', 'Owner', 'Members' and 'Group Type'.


Under "Groups", you will see a complete list of Groups in your organization.

As a Member, you can see every Group created by anyone in your organization; you can access any Public Groups in your organization.

A close-up of Venngage Groups page. The organization name, 'Venngage', appears in the top left of the page; beside it are two subheadings that represent tabs the user can click: Groups and Members. Underneath the headings, a table with four columns appears: Group Name, Owner, Members and Group Type. Each of the rows displays the names of the groups, their owners, and the number of members, as well as whether the group is public or private.


This list is embedded in a table, divided into the following columns:

  • Group Name - The name given to the group by the user who created it

  • Owner - The user who created the group

  • Members - Number of members currently in the group

  • Group Type - Public Group or Private Group

Click on any Group name in the list in order to open that Group's main page and see their Folders and designs, and a complete list of the Group's Members.

Filter by Group Type

On your organization page, you can filter Groups by Type using the drop-down at the top of the page, and see only Public or Private Groups. 

From the home page of the Venngage website, a user clicks on the name of their organization in the left sidebar. This opens the Groups page, where the organization appears at the top of the page, and beside it, two subheadings representing the Groups and Members tabs. Underneath the organization heading, a drop-down appears reading 'Type'. Next to it is the word 'All' and a drop-down arrow. The user clicks on the drop-down arrow to expand the menu; they can choose from All, Public and Private. The user clicks on Public, and the Group names displayed below show only Public under Group Type. The user then clicks on Private, and the page only displays Private Groups in the organization. The user clicks on one of the Private groups, and the page redirects them to the Group page, where the message 'This group is private. You need to be added by an admin in order to be able to view the designs inside.'


If the Group type is "Private" and you have not been invited to join the Group, clicking on the Group from the Groups list will display a message indicating the group is private and you need to be added by an admin in your organization to view it.


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on Venngage's Enterprise subscription plans.

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