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Renée Meloche
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Note: Venngage users under paid subscriptions (Premium, Business, and Enterprise) can create and save unlimited designs. For Free users, it will be limited to 5 designs. 


Communicating effectively through visuals doesn't have to be hard, even if you don't have a design background. Check out these resources and take your design skills to the next level:

Picking the Right Colors

An example template called 'Colorful Creative Poster'. The header image is a pink rectangle with an icon of a yellow head in profile view, overlaid by a speech bubble and a lightning bolt icon. The heading under the image is 'Thoughts from the CEO'. A paragraph underneath describes the revenue of a coffee busines. Underneath, a second heading reads 'Monthly Revenue Results'. In the seciton below this, figures and a pie chart representing the coffee company's profits are hgihlighted using the same shade of pink in the header rectangle.

Get up and running making colorful and communicative designs, including these key points: 

  • A short intro to color theory
  • Harness the power of color for communication
  • Use color contrast to make your most relevant content visually salient
  • Highlight information with one color in a monochromatic design, or a complementary shade
  • Group data with color to make visuals pop
  • Use a color gradient to represent progression



Typography Made Easy

Everything you need to know about picking brand fonts, in these quick points:font-categories-personalities.png

  • Get to know your brand personality
  • Understand the personality traits of each font category
  • Know your budget and licensing requirements
  • Pick a pair of brand fonts that matches with your brand personality
  • Make sure your brand fonts meet 3 basic requirements


Summarizing Information

How-To-Summarize-Information-Simple-Infographic-Template1.jpgExplore the art of summarizing information and how to present it visually:

  • Learn the 3S Framework:
    • Select the most important information
    • Split up the information into logical parts
    • Sequence the parts to tell a compelling story
  • Turn a written summary into a visual infographic design



Infographic 101


Brush up on your infographic knowledge by exploring common questions about infographics: 

  • What is an infographic?
  • Why use infographics?
  • How do I create an infographic?
  • What are the different types of infographics?
  • What makes an infographic design effective?


Infographic & Chart Design

10 Do’s & Don’ts that will help you present your ideas more effectively:


  1. Do use the right chart for your data
  2. Don’t (necessarily) use legends in your chart design
  3. Do highlight some details and downplay others
  4. Don’t introduce unnecessary complexity
  5. Do encourage comparison in your chart design
  6. Don’t overlook the power of words in your chart design
  7. Do show the right amount of data
  8. Don’t stick with standard chart sizes
  9. Do the math
  10. Do make your chart design memorable

Master the Use of Icons

Three minutes to complete icon mastery: learn how to use icons, icon color and placement effectively in your charts, presentations, resumes, and general design.




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