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Changing element colors

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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.


The Color Tool lets you customize element colors with a color wheel or eyedropper, customize their light and dark values, make swatches and select from Brand Colors, sample colors from your device and more.

Learn how to use the Color Tool features and make your designs come to life through color.


Find the Color Tool in the top toolbar

The Color Tool icon appears in the top toolbar when you select any element on the design canvas that has a customizable color (this includes icons, symbols, tables, smart widgets, text boxes, etc.).



The Color Tool icon appears as a square with the color of the element, and a tear-drop or droplet shape in the middle:

The Color Tool icon appears in light blue, with a darker blue tear-drop shape in the center.

Find the icon in the top toolbar next to other styling tools for the element you select on the canvas, including opacity for elements like icons and shapes, or text styling tools for text boxes. 

Color Wheel 2.png

For elements with borders and fill, like smart widgets, the color icon appears as as square and a border image: 

Color Wheel.png

The Color Tool for charts appears in a special context menu used for editing all chart details (including data values, chart types, legends and labels, etc.). To access it, double-click on the chart, or click on the chart to select it and then click "Edit Chart" in the top toolbar.


Overview of Color Tool features

Color Wheel 2.png

The color menu includes:


Find the color preview tile

The preview tile is the section of the Color Tool that will show you what the color you are customizing looks like in real time.

As you use the Color Picker, the light/dark slider and the opacity slider, or the HEX/RGBA fields to adjust a color, it will change on the canvas as well as in the preview tile.

Color Wheel 2.png

Keep an eye on it as you make adjustments, so you know when you get to the color you want!


Select and customize a color (Color Picker wheel, light/dark slider)

Select an icon, symbol, table or chart to bring up the Color Tool in the top toolbar. Click anywhere in the Color Picker wheel to select a color.

Color Wheel 2.png

The selector dot will show you the area that the color you've selected is in, and the color preview tile will show you a close-up. You'll also see the element's color change on the canvas in real-time as you use the Color Tool

Color Picker.png

Want a more precise selection? Click and drag your cursor as you adjust the position of the selector to display more subtle hue variations. 


Change the opacity of a color

The opacity of a color determines how much of the elements/colors behind it are visible by controlling how opaque or transparent it is.


Use the slider with the label "Opacity" to increase or decrease the opacity level of a color on any element with customizable colors. 

Use the field under the "A" value (at the end of the row with RGB) to control the Opacity with a number: just type one between 0 and 100. Zero is most transparent and 100 is most opaque. 

Setting the Opacity to a lower value will create a see-through effect.



Enter the HEX code of the color

Change the color of an element by entering the HEX code or RGB values, select the element you want and open the Color Tool widget by clicking on the icon in the top toolbar. 


Enter the HEX Code characters in the text field under "Hex" or the R, G and B values in the field under each letter to manually change the color. Hit 'Enter' or click outside of the field to confirm the change.

Customize the color by changing the light/dark values, the opacity, or even moving the selector on the Color Picker to your preferred shade. 


Use our color palette generator to create colors and copy the HEX codes to paste them directly into the color tool. It's easy to swatch a whole palette to use in your design


Sample a color with the Eye Dropper tool

The Eye Dropper is a small but mighty tool that allows you to sample color from anywhere on your device—including the design canvas itself.



Select the icon or other element you want to change the color of, and open the Color Tool.

Click the Eye Dropper icon in the Color Tool widget and click on any element on your device screen with your desired color. The cursor becomes a magnifying lens that allows you to see close-up the color you're picking. This works on images with a high pixel count as well as simpler images like vectors. 



Use Brand or Swatch Colors

Brand Colors

Brand colors added to My Brand Kit are accessible from the color menu, so that you can easily apply them to different elements in your design. These are located above the color tile and the HEX code

Brand Colors.png


Switch between different Brand Kit colors from "My Brand Kit" in the left sidebar.

You can also apply your My Brand Kit colors to all of the elements in your design from the tool in the left sidebar. 



When the shuffle icon appears over the Brand Colors, click them again to randomly reassign the colors to your design elements.



The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

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