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Changing a map chart's colors

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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map chart is perfect for representing demographics data in a colorful, visible way.

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For a quick overview of how
to add and use map charts in 
your designs, check out our
VIDEO Quick Start Guide.


Double-click the map or click Edit Map in the top toolbar to open the map values. Click the Settings tab in the "Edit Map" panel.

Under Map type, change the colors, gradient and number of steps between two colors on a choropleth map, or to change the map from a choropleth to a bubble-style map.

Any changes you make are saved automatically and are visible on the design canvas.

An animated GIF of a user in the Venngage editor. The user selects a blue map of Canada on a design canvas with a yellow gradient background. The Edit Map panel overlay appears on the right side of the screen. The user clicks the Settings tab and scrolls town to Map type, where they change the map from Steps to Gradient and then back. The change the number of steps to 4 and click on a Preset colour gradient, changing the color of the map from a sequence of blues to purple shades.



Large geographic areas on maps naturally draw
more attention because of the visual space they take up.
Add custom color, text and icons to your chart
to bring focus to the data you want to highlight most. 

Venngage's Editor provides chart settings that let
you toggle legends, data (in numerals or percentages) and
labels on and off, and create custom gradients for your
choropleth map with colors that draw viewers' eyes
to the right place. 

Choropleth map

  • Change the Scale type to "Gradient" or "Steps".

    • Use Gradient to choose two colors under the "Color palette" or "Presets" and automatically generates a smooth transition between those two colors.

    • Use Steps to create a gradient of 2 to 9 steps with automatically rounded values, or supply the values yourself to determine which number ranges are displayed as which color in the gradient. Choose from six "Presets" to customize the gradient color.

Bubble map

  • Control colors on the map with the Color palette

    • Click the color for Map to change the color of the map itself

    • Click the color for Bubble to change the color of the circles displayed on the map

Both Maps

  • Border: Customize the color and opacity of the borders between regions on the map by clicking the color for "Border"

  • Background: Add a color to the background of the map and control its opacity by clicking the color for "Background"

  • Border width: Widen or narrow the borders between the regions on your map with the slider or the number box.


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