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Swap a shape in your accessible design

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Change the shape on your accessible design canvas by swapping it for another, using the top toolbar. 

Select the shape you want to change

Select the shape (click on it using the cursor, or Tab over to the shape and press the Spacebar). 

Click or Tab+Shift to the Shapes menu in the top toolbar and open the widget; select the shape you want to use to replace the current one. 

On a design with a dark blue background in the Venngage Editor, a user selects a hexagonal shape. The top toolbar shows multiple different tools that allow the user to customize the shape. The user clicks on the Shapes widget, which opens a drop-down showing small icons that represent the different shapes available. The user selects a square shape, which replaces the hexagon on the canvas; then the user selects a circle, which replaces the shape, then a quarter circle. The user closes the widget.


The shape you replace the one on the canvas with will, by default, appear in the same dimensions as the one you replaced. Select it to resize or reposition it. 

On a design with a dark blue background in the Venngage Editor, a user selects a blue quarter-circle shape with a white border. The user resizes the shape, making it larger, then repositions it on the canvas to center the text overlaying it.


Learn more about swapping icons and images in your accessible designs in Venngage's upgraded Editor.


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