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Add a statistics (stat) chart to your accessible design

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Renée Meloche
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A stat (statistics) chart is a great way to display a simple data point like a percentage or one numeric value by combining that number and a visual representation like a series of icons, or simple charts like a donut, half-donut or progress bar. 

Venngage makes it easy to add accessible stat charts to your design!

Add a stat chart to the design canvas

Create an accessible template in the upgraded Editor.

Select or click Charts in the left sidebar. Under the heading "Stat", choose a chart type: donuthalf-donutprogress bar or icon stat. Click on the chart to add it to the canvas.

Customize chart appearance

Icon stat charts can be customized to suit your brand or design theme, with color, font, spacing and icon tools. 

Use the selection tool to resize and reposition the stat chart on your canvas, with the bounding box controls. 


Change the value of the stat chart and how the chart or icons display. Select the numerical value (the percentage) on the stat chart. Type the desired percentage in the "Value" field in the top toolbar.

Total items

Change the number of icons that appear in an icon stat chart to represent the value. For example, you can display the value "75%" with 4 total icons or 50, changing the scale of the chart.

Spacing, Corner Rounding, Bar Height, Donut Hole

Different charts have different customization options. 

Change the arrangement of the rows and columns in an icon stat chart simply by resizing it. The number of icons that appear in a row or column will depend on the chart's size, as well as the size of the icons, without changing its Value or Total Items.

Select a progress bar chart and use the slider to calibrate the Vertical Spacing between the bar and the number text.

Change the corner rounding to straight or rounded using the slider in donut, half-donut and progress bar charts. 

Donut hole size determines the width of the donut or half-donut chart as it appears in the stat chart. Use the slider to increase or decrease width.

Use the "Bar Height" tool to increase or decrease the width of the bar in progress bar charts the same way.

 A close-up of the top toolbar in the upgraded Editor, where the Bar Height tool is selected and the widget is open, displaying a slider the same as the one that appears in the Donut Hole tool widget for Donut and Half-Donut stat charts.

Change chart type

Easily change the chart type from the top toolbar. 

Select the chart. Click or select the Chart Type menu in the top toolbar; select a different chart type from the drop-down menu. The chart type will update on the design canvas. 

Edit the chart color, text or icon


Change the color of the icons or text that appears on the stat chart by clicking (or Tab-Spacebar to select) that part of the chart.

The Fill Colors are the colors in the chart or chart icons. Fill Color 1 always represents the chart's Value percentage. 

Click on Fill Color or Font Color to open the Color Tool widget. Select from Project or Brand Kit Colors by clicking the color swatch circles underneath, or use the color picker at the bottom of the widget to select a custom color. 

The bottom of the widget will indicate whether your color choices meet contrast standards


Click the Value percentage of the chart (or use Tab-Spacebar to select) as it appears, depending on the chart type. 

Use the top toolbar to customize the text appearance:

  • Click or select Font Color to open the Color Tool widget and change the color of the text, independently of the rest of the chart
  • Click or select Font family to open the drop-down and select a different font face
  • Use the + and - buttons or type the font size into the Text size field to change it (NOTE: At this time, text size is only customizable on Progress and Icon Stat charts; the text size in Donut and Half-donut charts will change proportionally when you resize the chart using the bounding box).
  • Style the font with Bold, Italic and Underline 


Change the icon in an Icon Stat Chart by swapping it with any mono-color icons in our gallery. 

Double-click the icons in the Icon Stat Chart on the design canvas, or select the Icon Stat Chart and click "Replace" in the top toolbar to open the Icon Replace panel from the left sidebar.

Click on an icon pack to browse icon thumbnails, or enter a specific search term into the top search bar. Select an icon from the gallery and it will change in the chart on the canvas. 

Add alt text to your chart 

Describe stat charts that appear on your design canvas to users with visual impairments or readers with other accessibility needs.

Select the chart. Click "Alt Text" in the top toolbar; add your descriptive text. A simple description, to let the user know how the chart appears and the statistic it represents, is perfect. Here are some examples: 

  • A stat icon chart, with the value '63%' and a grid of 9 rows and 6 columns of icons representing diploma caps. Starting at the top left and continuing left to right and down, 63% of the icons are green. The remaining 37% of the icons, continuing from partway through the fourth-last row, are red. 
  • A stat half-donut chart with the value 55%. The first part of the half-donut is dark purple, representing 55%; the remainder of the donut is light purple. 
  • A stat progress bar chart with the value 90%, where the percentage is written in large, dark brown letters. Underneath it, the bar chart is mostly red; the far, left end of the bar is pale pink. 


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