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Delete a Brand Kit

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Access the Manage Brand Kits page from the left sidebar on the Home page, or click "Edit My Brand" from the left sidebar in the Editor, under My Brand Kit.

From the My Designs Home page on the Venngage website, a user clicks on Manage Brand in the left sidebar, where it appears underneath Team Templates. The Brand Manager page loads, and displays three columns: Brand Logos, Brand Color and Brand Fonts. Under the first two columns is a plus-sign icon with a notification bubble containing instructions for the user. Under Brand Logos, the notification reads 'Upload your logos to easily drag-and-drop them.' Under Brand Color, the notification reads 'Build a color palette that you can apply to designs.'. Under the Brand Fonts column, there are three subheadings: Header, Subheader and Body. Under each of these is a drop-down menu that displays the name of the font face selected for that type of text. At the bottom of the column is a button where the user can upload custom fonts.


Click the three dots on the preview tile of the Brand Kit you want to delete. 

The Brand Manager page is open on the Venngage homepage, with the heading 'All Brand Kits', and two thumbnails visible underneath it, each with a different title. A user clicks on the kebab (three vertical dot menu) on the first Brand Kit thumbnail, and the context menu opens, displaying the option to Delete Brand Kit. The user clicks on Delete Brand Kit, and a modal opens over the page, asking the user to confirm that they want to delete the Brand Kit. The user clicks the red 'Delete' button at the bottom of the modal, and the modal closes. The first Brand Kit thumbnail disappears from the page.


Click "Delete Brand Kit". The modal that appears with the heading "Are you sure you want to delete this Brand Kit?" includes details about what deleting your Brand Kit will do—it will permanently delete all the logos, color palettes, and any fonts you uploaded.

Click "Cancel" or "Delete" to permanently delete the kit.


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