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Add a basic table to your design

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Click Charts in the left sidebar to bring up the Charts menu.

Basic Table is the first option at the top of the list.

A close-up of the left sidebar of the Venngage Editor. The headings visible include My Brand Kit, Text, Icons and Charts. A user clicks on Charts, and the menu expands. Thumbnails appear under the expanded heading, with different types of charts; the user clicks on Basic Table. 


Click on the Basic Table icon or click and hold to drag a basic table onto your design canvas.

In the Venngage Editor, a user drags and drops a Basic Table onto a blank, white design canvas, from where the thumbnail appears underneath the Charts heading. The table appears on the canvas with three columns and four rows. 


Add values or data to your table by clicking into a cell and typing, or copy-pasting from another source.

Customize your table however you want with the following actions:


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