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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Smart Template elements

How can I ungroup? The ungroup buttons are greyed out.

Unlike traditional templates, Smart Templates do not allow elements to be ungrouped. Although Smart Templates are less flexible, they respond to your text and simplify the design process for those who prefer minimal customization.

Can I copy and paste a Smart Template into another design?

Unfortunately, we do not support this yet. As an alternative, you can copy items from regular templates into Smart Templates.

I lost a shape at the top of my diagram. How do I get it back?

When you add a shape upwards in a diagram, due to auto-layout and the limitations of our design canvas, the shape might be inaccessible or hard for you to grab and move back onto the canvas. In this scenario, we recommend using the starting shape to drag the whole diagram until the shape is accessible, then make the necessary adjustments from there.


How can I resize my icon/image?

Similar to ungrouping, Smart Templates do not yet have the feature to resize icons/images.

Other limitations with Smart Templates:

  • Smart diagrams do not show in the page manager

  • Smart diagrams do not work with the Brand Kit color shuffle

  • Smart diagrams cannot be multi-selected with other items

Circle mind maps

Why is my shape shrinking when I change text size? How can I decrease text size without changing the shape size?

Use the side handles (not the corner handles) to adjust the size of the shape without also changing the text size.



How do I add a line/arrow? How do I connect two flowchart shapes?

Click one connection point and drag the line to the other connection point.


How do I make my new shape match the style of another shape in the flowchart?

Using the Copy/Paste Style tool, copy and paste the style from one shape onto the other.


How can I make my line straight? My shapes are aligned but my line still isn’t straight.

If your two shapes are slightly different sizes, this issue cannot be resolved. A workaround is to make the shapes the same size.


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