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Inviting Members to your Enterprise Account

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On an Enterprise account, your team can collaborate on designs in real-time, leave comments on shared designs, and organize designs in public and private Groups that Members can create and invite each other to.

View Members in your organization on your Venngage Enterprise account

Your organization and any Groups you've created or joined are displayed in the left sidebar under your organization name, like this:


[Image description: The "My Designs" Home page of Venngage open, with a users's designs visible in the right view pane. The left sidebar has a dark red square highlighting the section below "Team Templates, where three Groups are displayed under the organization name "Venngage". End.]


Click on the name of your organization from the Home page in the left sidebar menu to bring up the Groups page.


This page lists all of the Groups (public and private) in your organization.

[video-to-gif output image]

[GIF Description: The user clicks on the organization name "Venngage" in the left sidebar from the Home page. The page loads, showing two tabs:"Groups" and "Members". End.]


Open the Members' tab for your organization.


From the Groups page, click on the "Members" tab to display a complete list of Members in your organization:

[Image description: Close-up of Venngage Groups page as described above, open to the "Members" tab. End.]


The Members' list is divided into the following columns:

  • Name - The name of the user who is a Member of one or more of the organization's Groups

  • Email - The email address linked to the user's Venngage account

  • Role - The user's Role within the organization (in the Venngage account)

From this page you can invite someone to register as a user and give them a Member seat on your organization's Enterprise account, or you can upgrade their role from Guest to Member.


Invite someone to a seat on your Enterprise account

From the Members' page of your


Type in the email address of the guest and click outside the text field or hit Return (the Enter key) to confirm; then click "Send Invite" to invite them to view the Group.


TIP: Guests who are invited to view designs
in a Group in your organization have to
register for a Venngage account and log in
to access the Group. Guests can only view
designs shared in the Group, not edit them.
Guests cannot see any of the organization
Groups they have not been invited to join.


Accept an invitation to become a Member of your organization's Enterprise account

Check your email for your invitation and follow the instructions to sign up for a Venngage account with your email address.


Upgrade or downgrade a user's Role (Member, Admin or Guest)

With Admin permissions, you can:

  • downgrade a user who has accepted an invitation to join your organization's Enterprise account as a Member to a Guest

  • upgrade a Member to Admin permissions

  • invite a Guest to become a Member and take one of your organizaiton's Enterprise account's seats

Open your organization's Groups list page and click over to the Members' tab:

[video-to-gif output image]

[GIF description: A user navigates from the main organization Group list page to the Members' page by clicking on the "Members" tab at the top of the page. End.]


Locate the name of the user whose Role you want to upgrade or downgrade.


In the Members list, at the end of the row the user's name appears in, click on their role in the "Role" column.


[video-to-gif output image]

[GIF description: A user navigates a list of Members in their organization. At the end of the row a user's name appears in, clicking on their "Role", which is listed as "Member", brings up a menu. Choosing "Admin" brings up a modal (box) titled "Grant admin access". Clicking the green "Grand access" reloads the page; the user is now listed as an Admin under "Role". End.]


This will bring up a menu to change the user's role. This will affect the user's access and permission.


There are three possible Roles for a user in an organization:

  • Guest: The user can preview the designs in any Group they've been invited to join. They cannot create or invite themselves to Groups, and cannot edit any designs in any Groups, even ones they're a Member of.

  • Member: The user can edit designs in any Group they've created or joined. They can create Groups (private or public), invite themselves to public Groups, and view, edit, or leave feedback on any designs shared in public Groups or Groups they have created or joined.

  • Admin: The user can access and edit any Group in the organization; invite themselves to any Group; assign any Role to any Member of the organization; remove Members from Groups or from the organization.

In order to assign a user a new Role, click on the name of the Role in the drop-down menu at the end of the row the user's name and information appear on, in the list on the organization's Members tab.


When you change the user's Role, a modal (box) will pop up, asking you to confirm the action. Click "Cancel" to leave the user's Role unchanged, or the action button to confirm the Role change.


[video-to-gif output image]

[GIF description: A user navigates a list of Members in their organization. At the end of the row a user's name appears in, clicking on their "Role", listed as "Admin", brings up a menu. Selecting "Member" brings up a modal (box) titled "Revoke admin access". Clicking the red "Revoke access" reloads the page; the user is now listed as an Member under "Role". End.]


TIP: When you downgrade a user's Role from MEMBER
to GUEST, another MEMBER seat will become
available to assign to another user in your


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on Venngage's Enterprise subscription plans.

Curious about upgrading? Compare our plan features side by side.

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