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Remove a design from a Folder

Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Business and Enterprise.


Remove a design from a Folder if you've found a better place for it, or simply want to return it to its original page.

Remove a design from a Folder

Open the Folder containing the design (click on the Folder name).

Hover over the design preview tile with your mouse.

Click the Settings menu (gear) icon on the design preview tile.

Click Remove from Folder. The design will disappear from the Folder; you'll be able to see it in the top-level page where it was initially saved (e.g., My Designs, Team Designs, or the main page of a Group).

A user moves through removing a design from a Folder in a Group as described above.
If you remove a shared design from a Folder in Team Designs or a Group, the design will return to the place it was saved; if a Member of your Team or Group shared the design, it will return to their individual My Designs page.

Remove a design from one Folder and move it into another

Use the same method described above for locating the design in its current Folder and accessing the Settings menu (gear) icon of the design.



This method is especially helpful if you want
to remove a design from a space that has
multiple Folders and subfolders, and put
it into a different Folder.


Click on the Setting menu (gear) icon on the design preview tile.

Click "Move to Folder".

From the listed options, select the Folder you want to move the design to and click the "Move" button.

A user moves a design from the Folder 'Deliverables' into the Folder 'A1 Project' following the steps described above.


A pop-up message will appear on the screen: "Your design has been moved" and the design will now appear in the Folder you selected.

In order to return every design in a Folder to the page they were originally saved, you can also delete the Folder.


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