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Repositioning an image in a frame

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Click the image, then click Crop on the top toolbar.

Drag the bounding box handles to crop the image to your preferred size; to save changes, click out of the image anywhere on the design canvas.

A design with a light green background and text in different shades of white and grey appears in the Venngage Editor. To the left of the design canvas is a black and white photo of a building, from the perspective of the ground looking up. The user selects the photo of the building and repositions it on the canvas, making it fit in a vertical slice on the right third of the design canvas. As the user repositions and resizes the image, the photo shifts within the frame of the bounding box, leaving only part of the building visible. The user clicks the 'Crop' button in the top toolbar. The entirety of the photograph becomes visible, with the parts that are not in the selection bounding box slightly greyed out. The user clicks and drags the photo in its bounding box frame, so that more of the left side of the building is visible, better complementing the design.


TIP: If you're working with an image that has a different ratio than the space you're trying to fill on your design canvas, use the Crop tool to reposition the image within the dimensions the image occupies on the canvas. 


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