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Changing the map type of a map chart

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Click or use Tab + Spacebar to select the map chart, then click (or Tab + Spacebar "Edit Map" in the top toolbar to open the Edit Map panel

Under the "Data" tab, select the Map Type you want from three options: ChoroplethBubble or Monochrome

In the upgraded Venngage Editor, a map-style chart of the United States appears over a light blue background. The map is a choropleth map and the states are colored in different shades from very light pink to dark purple. A user clicks on the map to select it, then clicks Edit Map in the top toolbar. The Edit Map panel opens from the right side of the Editor, and displays two tabs: Data and Setup. It is open to the Data Tab, which shows a 'Map Type' heading; beneath this section is a spreadsheet, showing the place names and a value associated with each. Under the Map Type heading, a representation of each of the different types of maps available appears as a thumbnail. There are three types of maps: Choropleth, Bubble and Monochrome. The Choropleth map thumbnail is selected with a dark blue border. The user clicks on the Bubble map thumbnail and the map type changes to a bubble map, which shows on the canvas; the map is all the same color of light blue, and overlaying each state is a semi-transparent blue circle of a different size, depending on the value assigned to each place as it is represented in the spreadsheet. The user then clicks on the third thumbnail, the Monochrome map, and the map becomes one uniform color: a dark blue. 

The changes to the map will appear automatically on the design canvas. 



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