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Editing or importing map data

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Use Map Charts to create engaging, colorful representations of information that shows how data values vary across a geographical area.

Editing Map Data

Double-click the map or click Edit Map in the top toolbar to open the map values.



Under the Data tab, edit the values associated with each region on the map by clicking into the cell you want to edit and entering the value, or copy-paste from an external spreadsheet.

Changes to the data in a cell will save automatically when you select another cell or press the Enter/Return key.


On a choropleth map, the regions on the map change colors based on the maximum and minimum value.

On a bubble map, the circles superimposed over the regions on the map will change size based on the maximum and minimum value.

Import map data

Double-click on the map chart or click "Edit Map" to open the Edit Map panel.

Under the Data tab, click the "Browse Files" button above the spreadsheet to import a spreadsheet with data. You can upload a *.csv or *.xlsx file. The data will automatically appear in the spreadsheet in the Data tab. 

Use the Edit Map panel to adjust the way your data is displayed. 



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