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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Access the Templates page

There are two ways to get to the Templates page:

From the main page of the Venngage website, select "Templates" from the top menu, then the category of Templates you want to see (or "See All" to see the whole catalog). 

On the main page of, a user mouses over the top menu, where the headers 'Product', 'Solutions', 'Templates', 'Learn' and 'Pricing' appear. The user clicks 'Templates' and a drop-down menu listing several template categories appears: 'Infogprahic Templates', 'Timeline Templates', 'Report Templates', etc. The user clicks 'See All Templates' and the Templates page loads. The user scrolls down the page, which displays many colorful templates in different styles.

Logged in? From the Home page, click the Templates tab in the top menu:


Search for templates

Envision how you want your design to look. Does the information you're organizing work best in a list? An event poster? Maybe a brochure?

Use the Categories in the left sidebar to filter templates by type or industry. We offer templates related to marketing, start-ups, human resources, and much more. There are two ways to search our templates page:


Type keywords into the Search bar in the left sidebar to filter templates further. Include specific descriptors related to design types and details, e.g., "geometric letterhead", "floral wedding checklist", "minimalist slide deck", etc.

Need more help finding the right template for your design? Check out our blog posts on data visualization and learn more about picking the ideal template type to showcase your content.

Filter templates by plan and page size

View templates by plan or by size. Both sorting options can be found at the top right corner of the Templates page. 

Log in to your account, then access the Templates page.

Click on See All Templates in the left sidebar, or on a Category of Templates you want to see.

Use the drop-down menus to the right of the top search bar to filter templates according to Plan Types:


Filter by Page Size or Orientation using the second drop-down menu.

Sort templates from New to Old to see newer templates first; use both drop-down menu filters to narrow your search results; to reset your results, click "Clear All" in either or both menus.


TIP: Check the Template Tags to see if a template is available for you to use on your subscription plan; 'Premium' templates are available to all Premium users and higher, 'Business' to all Business users and higher; Enterprise users have access to all templates.


Create a template to customize it

Hover over any template and click "Preview" to get a closer look.

When you're ready to open it in the Editor, click "Create". 



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Start designing!

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