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Changing the color of text boxes

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

By default, text boxes are transparent (no visible background), but you can change this one of two ways: 

  • Use a custom HTML block to change the background color of the text box, or 
  • Layer a shape or icon behind the text box 

Change the background color of an HTML block

Add an HMTL block from the Interactive section of the left sidebar. 

Double-click on the HTML box or click "Edit HTML" in the top toolbar.

Click the Settings tab in the Edit HMTL panel.

Under the Background Color heading, change the color and opacity of the background of the text box.  

A canvas in the Venngage Editor shows a light blue background and a bar chart under a blank space where a heading would normally appear. A usr clicks on the left sidebar on the 'Interactive' section to expand it. Underneath this category, different interactive widgets are displayed; the user clicks on 'HTML' and drags a text box for adding HTML coding to the canvas. The text box appears on the canvas. The user double-clicks on the box and a fly-over panel appears on the right side of the screen. In the panel, two tabs appear: Data and Settings. In the Data panel, a text field appears; the user pastes text into the box. The words appear in small font, in black lettering, in the text box on the canvas. The user then clicks on the Settings tab. On this tab, headings appear over tools that allow the user to change the apperarance of the HTML text box on the canvas, including changing the background color of the text box. Under the Background Color heading, a color tool widget icon appears (a droplet on a checkered background). The user clicks on the color tool widget and teh color tool opens; the user clicks in the color wheel to select a color and the background of the text box on the canvas changes to match.


You can also edit the appearance of the text using the controls under the Font Options and Line Options headings. 

Layer a shape or icon behind the text box

Add a text box to the design canvas. 

Under Shapes & Symbols in the left sidebar, select a shape to put behind the text box. Add the shape to the canvas, and resize it to fit over the text box. 

Use the Layering tools to move the shape backward, behind the text box. 

On a light blue canvas in the Venngage Editor, different colorful icons relating to academics appear (books, a graduation cap, rulers, etc. In the center of the design, text appears in a black font. A user clicks on the left sidebar, and under the 'Shapes & Symbols' heading, clicks on a rectangle, which adds this shape to the canvas. The user resizes the shape and then uses the Layering tools to send the shape back a layer, so that it appears behind the text. The shape, by default, is a medium blue color; the user then selects the shape and uses the Color Tool widet in the top toolbar to adjust the color. The user changes the color fill percentage, creating a two-tone effect where the top half of the rectangle is a different color than the bottom half. Because the text box is transparent, the text appears clearly over the shape without changing the color.


You can use the Color Tool to adjust the color, opacity and the fill of the shape



The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

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