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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Premium, Business and Enterprise.

What's the most accessible way to share a design?

Share your design as a Venngage link. You can also download your design as a PDF.

Our PDF downloads follow the international PDF/UA standard for accessible documents.

NOTE: PNGs and other image files are inaccessible to users of assistive technology such a screen readers; if you download your design in that format, consider sharing it with an alt (alternative) text description.

How do I share my accessible design?

Click or select the Download button in the menu above the top toolbar (pictured below), where it appears next to the Share icon (a upward pointing arrow).

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 12.41.10 PM.png

Click "Copy link" when you're ready and a message at the bottom of your screen will notify you when the link has been copied to your clipboard.

Review your design (optional). You can access the Accessibility Checker from the Share modal (box) to review any outstanding issues in your design before you download: just click the "Check for issues" button under the heading "Is your design accessible?" when the Share modal opens.

The Share modal (box) is visible over an accessible design canvas in the upgraded Venngage Editor; above the Link Sharing heading is an informational content box that says 'Is your design accessible? Ensure that your design is accessible to everyone'. The user clicks 'Check for issues' and the Share modal closes. The Accessibility Checker opens in the righthand panel, overlaying the design canvas. It displays two tabs: Check Accessibility and Edit Reading Order. It is open to Check Accessibility. On this tab, an alert at the top of a list of accessibility features displays the message '9 issues detected.'

Learn more about using the Accessibility Checker in our upgraded Editor.


Ready to share your design? Paste the link into an email or post it to social media, and share away!


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