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Title your design with accessibility in mind

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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Document titles and page titles tell accessibility and assistive device users what they can expect to read in the document, without having to go through the entire contents.

Use Venngage's Accessibility Checker to determine how accessible your document title is. The title you give your design will appear as the file name when you share the design from the Venngage Editor.

Edit the document title using the Title field at the top of the editor.

A accessible design canvas pictured in the upgraded Venngage Editor. The document title is highlighted in its position above the top toolbar, to the left, with a red rectangle outline. The document title, '4 Key Elements of a Microlearning Module', is partially visible in the title field.

Quick Steps for Creating an Accessible Title

  1. Provide a concise page title that accurately describes the design or project's content and purpose.

  2. Make sure the page title is unique to your design project.

  3. Note any subsections or secondary categories; for example, if you are preparing an infographic of a report for a team within your organization, including its name in the title will provide more context.

  4. Place the page description text first, followed by the name(s) of the organization or team.

Document Title Accessibility Checklist

  • Meaningful: The document title is meaningful and relates to what the document contains, e.g., "Annual Budget Report 2021 - Design Team - ABC Company"

  • Accurate: The title represents what is in the document with reasonable accuracy.

  • Consistent: The language of the title reflects the language in the document itself.

  • Unique: The title is something identifiably different; be as specific as possible to the content to avoid a generic title like "Budget Report".

How do I check my document title for accessibility?

Click on File at the top of the Venngage Editor and select Accessibility Check Accessibility to open the Accessibility Checker.

A user in the upgraded Venngage Editor access the Accessibility Checker, as described above. A right panel overlay appears, with the 'Document Title' section expanded.

The right panel overlay displays 11 categories of accessibility for you to assess, and guidance for meeting accessibility requirements under each "issue" that is flagged in the Checker.

Review the Document Title section. When you're satisfied that your title meets requirements, check the box at the bottom of the section to confirm "The design title is meaningful, reflects the content of the document, and is written in the language of the document."


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