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Delete a Folder

Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Business and Enterprise.


Click on the Folder you want to delete.

A user clicks on a Folder titled 'Subfolder'. This opens the Folder page. The user then clicks the header 'Subfolder' at the top of the Folder page.


From inside the Folder, click the Folder name in the header to bring up the drop-down menu.

Click Remove, the last option in the menu that appears with a trash can icon next to it as in the GIF below:

The user clicks the header with the folder name, 'Subfolder'. This brings up a menu with two options: 'Rename' and 'Remove'. The user clicks 'Remove', the clicks the 'Delete' button in the pop-up modal (box) that appears, as described below.


Click the "Delete" button in the Delete Folder modal box that pops up. If you don't want to delete the Folder, click "Cancel.


Deleting a Folder won't delete the design(s) in that Folder. The designs will return to the place they were originally saved (e.g., My Designs, Team Designs or the top-level page of a Group).


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