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Add a line, border, shape or symbol to your design

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Add lines and borders, or shapes and symbols, from the left sidebar in the Venngage Editor. 

Add a line or border 

In the left sidebar, click on Shapes and Lines to expand the menu. 

Click on the Lines/Borders category to launch it. From the gallery, click on a line or border to add it to the design canvas.

You can also use the Icon Search to narrow your results if you're looking for something more specific. Type in the Search term and click the magnifying icon or hit Enter (Return) on your device keyboard. 



Resize a line or border

Resize a line or shape outline with the bounding box handles. Use the circular arrow at the top of the bounding box (click and drag) to rotate the line or shape outline, changing its orientation.



Add a shape or symbol

Click the Icons in the left sidebar type in "Symbols" on the search bar.

Symbols are abstract icons that come pre-colored. You can customize their size or rotation

Shapes are simple geometric elements that are customizable like borders and lines; you can change the color, size, orientation and fill of shapes. 


Click on a symbol or shape thumbnail to add it to your design canvas. 

Resize shapes or symbols

Symbols are like normal icons; click to select them, and use the bounding box handles to resize by clicking and dragging away or toward the symbol to make it bigger or smaller. The symbol will resize proportionally to maintain its aspect ratio.

Click on the circular arrow at the bottom of the bounding box to rotate the symbol, changing its orientation.


Shapes are easy to resize and reshape with the bounding box handles.

Make the whole shape larger or smaller: click on the shape to select it and use the corner handles on the bounding box handles. Click and drag to resize. Select the shape and use the center handle on any side to make that side only larger or smaller; click and drag to adjust it.



Want to do more with your lines or shapes? Check out our article "Customize lines, borders and shapes".


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