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Saving a design

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Our Editor has an auto-save function that automatically saves your work as you go.

How does auto-save work?

Start designing, and check the timestamp in the top toolbar; it shows you the last time the Editor automatically saved your design.

The auto-save timestamp is located in the top toolbar, next to the title of your design.

A close-up of the top toolbar in the Venngage Editor. The auto-save timestamp is highlighted, and is visible next to the document title, 'Purple Marketing Pitch'. The auto-save timestamp reads 'Last Saved: 8:51 am'.


Close the Editor any time and come back to access your work just the way you left it.

How can I check my work is saved?

The "Last Saved" timestamp will reflect the last time changes were made in the document. It will update as you make changes. 

A close-up of the auto-save timestamp in the top toolbar of the Editor, next to the document title. The timestamp starts out displaying 4:41pm as the last time the design was saved; then changes to 11:52am and then 11:53am which reflects a user making changes on the design canvas.

The auto-save feature refreshes automatically every time you make a change on the design canvas in the Editor. 

A user works on a design canvas entitled 'Introducing Sus-Mask' in the Venngage Editor. As the user changes element color, positions and styles text on the design canvas, the auto-save 'Last Saved' timestamp updates in the top toolbar.


Your saved designs are always accessible from the My Design page


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