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Organize your designs with Folders

Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Business and Enterprise.


There are a couple ways you can move a design into a Folder:

📁 Drag and drop

Click and hold on the design preview tile on the page.

Drag it over the Folder until the Folder is highlighted and the preview tile shrinks, then let go:

User clicks into a Group from the left sidebar, then hovers over a design preview tile. The user clicks and drags the design toward the Folder in the Group and releases, and the Design disappears from the Group Designs page into the Folder.


Double-click on your Folder to open it and access the designs inside.

⚙️ Use the Settings (gear) menu

Hover over the design preview tile in the Group.

Click the Gear icon to open the options menu.

Click "Move to Folder" and then select the Folder you want to move the design to. This is especially helpful if your Groups has a long list of Folders to choose from!

When you click the Folder, the design will disappear from the main Group page or the Folder it is currently in, and a message overlay at the top of the page will notify you that your design has been moved. You can open the Folder to check out your design's new home, as in the GIF below:

A user moves through moving a design into a Folder from the Gear icon menu as described above.


You can use this method to move a design between multiple folders in a Group or Team more easily, instead of pulling a design out of a folder and dragging it into another one.


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