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Venngage Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Policy

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Our policy

Venngage is compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). That means we don't sell, host or distribute any images, media or other intellectual property protected under copyright law that we haven't paid to license.

Report copyright infringement to us

If you notice a design that violates the DMCA, please click "Report" at the bottom of the page.

The bottom portion of a published Venngage design. Underneath the design page, a footer bar in light grey shows the user name who created the design, and a 'Report' link with a flag next to it. 'Report' is highlighted by a red box and arrow.

Complete the questionnaire and submit it with your email address in order to complete the report and send it to us. 

A user clicks the link to Report a design shared with Venngage's publishing feature. The page redirects the user to a web form entitled 'Report page to Venngage'. The user clicks 'Start' and begins to answer the form; in the first question, asking why they are reporting the page, they select the option 'Content infringement', then clicks 'next'. The second response is a text field prompting the user to share their concerns. The user types 'This design uses my copyrighted content', then clicks next. The third response asks the user to provider their email, which they type in, and then click 'Submit'. The form closes and a message appears, thanking the user for helping Venngage by reporting.


If you notice your work or intellectual property may have been used in another user's design but you don't have access to the publicly shared Venngage URL, please complete and email the following template to


To whom it may concern:

This is notice pursuant to section 41.25 of Canada’s Copyright Act that your website service is hosting material that infringes copyright.

Work(s): [Title(s)]

Location(s): [List all URLs]

File/Excerpt Name: [List all file names, If applicable]

Date and time of infringement: [Date infringement was found and viewed, note also if “ongoing”]

Infringing poster: [Name/profile name/account/any other identifying information if available]

I am the author and the copyright owner of the work(s) listed above. This/these work(s) has/have been posted to your service without my permission.

Claimant name: [Your name]

Contact information: [Business address, email, & phone number]

Please contact me at the email listed above indicating your prompt response.


We'll do our best to respond and take any appropriate action as soon as possible.


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