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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Business and Enterprise.

What makes a download accessible?

Download your design as PDF or share your design as a Venngage link to make it more accessible for your audience. Our PDF downloads follow the international PDF/UA standard for accessible documents. PDFs are compatible with screen readers and assistive technology.

When you download or share your design as PNG or PNG HD, users of assistive technology such as screen readers will not be able to access any of the content within your designs.


How do I download my accessible design?

Click the Download Icon in the menu above the top toolbar (pictured below). The icon is a downward pointing arrow with a square bracket underneath it.

Download Button.png

The menu above the top toolbar in the upgraded Venngage Editor. These elements are visible from left to right: The Venngage logo, a green BETA button, File menu with downward v to open, text box with file name visible, Zoom menu (set to 100%), Undo and Redo buttons, Autosaved button with a checkmark icon, and the download icon, highlighted with a dark blue box.

Review your design (optional). You can use the Accessibility Checker from this window to review any outstanding issues in your design before you download.


Click "Download" when you're ready and select the format you'd like to export your file in; select PDF for a format compatible with accessibility tool use.


How can I share an image in an accessible way? 

If you want to share your design in a PNG or PNG HD format, provide alt text to your viewers who may need more support understanding the data you're presenting, especially if it includes charts or complex data sets. 
For more accessibility design tips and tricks, check out our collection of articles.
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