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Generating designs with AI (Beta)

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Use Venngage's DesignAI (Beta) to generate infographics.

On the Templates page of the Venngage website, a purple banner appears above the template thumbnails, with the heading 'DesignAI Infographic Generator'. A user clicks on the 'Generate' button at the far right end of the banner. A widget appears on top of the template page with the heading 'DesignAI Beta' and a chat bot widget says 'Give me a topic for your infographic or choose an example topic below'. The user enters the 'Guide to Tiktok' in the text bar. The chat bot responds that it has started working to generate the design.

Click on the DesignAI Infographic Generator banner at the top of the Templates page or go directly to to get started.

Choose from the pre-defined suggestions given in the generator, or type your own into the chart bar. The generator will take a few moments to create your design.

A widget appears over the top of the Venngage templates page with the heading 'DesignAI Beta' and a chat bot widget below this. A conversation between a user and the bot appears in the window and the user has asked the bot to create a design showing a guide to TikTok. A preview of the design loads, with the heading 'Guide to TikTok' and two columns of three boxes each underneath, with headings like 'Intro to TikTok', 'Create TikToks' and 'TikTok Safety Tips'. The user clicks on the link beside the preview that reads 'Edit this infographic'. A new tab opens, showing the Guide to TikTok design template in the upgraded Venngage Editor. 

When the design is created, you can click "Edit this infographic" to customize it in the Editor, or 

"Regenerate" to create an alternate version of the same design. 


NOTE: Free users can only have up to 5 designs at a time. Creating a design with the DesignAI generator counts toward one of those 5 designs. Regenerating a design counts toward a free user's total designs. 


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