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Moving individual widgets in a smart list

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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You can Templates automatically reorder smart widgets in smart lists, or other smart templates like mind-maps, flowcharts, etc., by swapping the position of one widget with another, or move the entire smart diagram

Click into the widget to make sure it's selected (so that you don't select the entire diagram).

Drag the widget into position, and it will replace the  and drag the item to move it to a new position on the smart list.

A partial view of a canvas in the Venngage Editor shows a smart list template. A user hovers their cursor over the first widget in the list, and clicks and drags it into a different position in the list. The widget in the list that was in the position originally shifts by one, so that the widget the user dragged over can take its place. 

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