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Creating a background with a gradient and photo overlay

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Get creative with your background by creating an overlay effect.

Click the background image and select the opacity button found on the top toolbar.

A close-up of the top toolbar in the Venngage Editor, with the Opacity tool highlighted by a red box. The menu appears as a drop-down menu with an eye icon that appears with a stroke through it.


Lower the image opacity. The lower the opacity, the more the background colour will show through.

Click the Background drop-down on the left toolbar and select a colour or gradient.

A design canvas open in the Venngage Editor shows a page with a white title on a black box and a background image of a city skyline at night, with skyscrapers and other buildings lit up. The user sets the background image opacity to 30, using the Opacity menu in the top toolbar. The user then opens the background tool in the left sidebar. Under the heading 'Gradient', the user clicks on different colored gradients, which appear on the background of the design, visible through the image of the nighttime city skyline.


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