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Adding a simple stat chart with icon to your design

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Add a Donut Chart with Icon, Half-Donut Chart with Icon or Classic Progress Chart with Icon to your design. These charts are simple and easy to customize. You can also check out more of our pre-styled stat chart options.

Click on the Charts section of the sidebar and scroll down. 

A close-up of the left sidebar in the Venngage Editor shows a user clicking on the Charts heading to expand it. The user scrolls down the different chart styles displayed in a gallery format, until they reach images of charts including a donut chart with an icon, a half-donut chart with an icon, and a classic progress chart with an icon. These are marked with a 'Beta' label and appear under chart thumbnails labelled 'Column' and 'Grouped Column'.

Click on the Donut Chart with Icon, Half-Donut Chart with Icon or Classic Progress Chart with Icon to add it to your design canvas. 

A user clicks on the left sidebar in the Venngage Editor, on the heading 'Charts', and expands the section to display a gallery of different chart thumbnails they can add to their design canvas. The user scrolls down the Charts gallery until they reach a section of statistic charts; the user clicks on a statistic chart showing a simple blue donut chart, with an icon inside of it and a percentage under the icon. The chart appears on the design canvas when the user clicks on it; the user resizes the chart on the canvas so that it is larger.

When you add the chart to your canvas, the Edit Chart panel will automatically open. 

Customize the chart's appearance from the Edit Chart panel, or change the color by selecting the part of the chart you want to change, and using the Color Tool widget in the top toolbar. 

What is a stat chart with icon? 

Venngage offers three types of statistics charts with icons, perfect for representing a simple statistic with a big visual impact. The icons in each chart can be replaced or changed to a custom color. Choose from a donut chart, half-donut chart, or classic progress (line) chart.

We offer more pre-styled stat charts you can add to your design, or check out our column or grouped column charts with icons to represent more complex data sets.


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