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Ren茅e Meloche
Ren茅e Meloche
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Improvements to our upgraded Editor 馃馃尡

Un usuario trabaja en una presentaci贸n de diapositivas en el Editor Venngage actualizado.  En la barra de herramientas superior, el usuario hace clic en el widget "N煤meros de p谩gina" y se expande, mostrando un interruptor en la posici贸n "apagado" junto a la etiqueta "N煤meros de p谩gina".  El usuario hace clic en el interruptor y lo cambia a la posici贸n de encendido.  Con el interruptor en la posici贸n "activado", hay herramientas adicionales disponibles en el widget, incluido "Mostrar en p谩ginas", donde aparecen los botones de opci贸n etiquetados "Todos" y "Personalizado", y un campo de texto denominado "Comenzar a numerar en". 

In the upgraded Venngage Editor, a map of China and other islands appears in a gradient of blue against a teal background on the template canvas. The Edit Chart panel is open in the right-hand side of the upgraded Editor, with two tabs visible: Data and Setup. The Setup tab is selected, displaying tools for customizing the map chart's appearance. Under the heading 'Map Style', a gradient appears with a range of 5 colors from light to dark blue. Under the gradient image is a drop-down menu labelled 'Number of steps'. The user clicks on the drop-down and changes the number from 5 to 9. The image of the gradient changes, to reflect the larger number of steps. On the design canvas, the map changes to reflect the bigger gradient, with different countries on the map now being colored in different tones of light to dark blue. In the Setup tab in the Edit chart panel, under the heading 'Color Presets', different color gradients appear like blue, teal, purple, red purple, etc. The user clicks on the gradient 'Yellow Red' and the color of the map on the canvas changes. The gradient is now light yellow to dark red. 

  • Show margins on the design canvas when you're working on a template. 
  • Resize visual content automatically with "Scale content on resize" under Edit Page Size.
  • Apply image filters, color overlay and drop-shadows to images on the design canvas. 
  • Add background patterns to your template canvases. 



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