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Using the Smart Guides, alignment grid and margins

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Smart Guide alignment

Alignment Smart Guides automatically appear as you move different elements on the canvas. 

Bright green lines indicate where the element is, relative to the horizontal or vertical center of the canvas.

Bright pink lines indicate how the element you are moving is positioned relative to other elements on the design canvas.

A design canvas in the upgraded Venngage Editor shows a peach and black design entitled 'TLH's Crisis Education Support Programs'. A user clicks on one of the elements on the canvas, a black button labelled 'Click to Register' and moves it on the canvas. As the user moves the element, bright pink lines appear over the canvas, intersection or bordering other visual elements so that the user can determine how close or far the button they're moving is in relation to those other elements. When the user moves the button across the center of the canvas, a bright green line becomes visible. The user repositions the button on the canvas and then selects another visual element, this time an icon of a person's silhouette from the shoulders up, and as the user moves the icon on the canvas, the bright pink lines become visible again. 

Turn the guidance Grid on or off

The Grid overlays your canvas in the Editor so that you can line up elements in you design perfectly. The grid is off by default. 

To turn it on (or turn it off), go to File and click (or Tab + Spacebar) Show Grid.

A checkmark will appear next to "Show Grid" when the grid is on, and it will overlay the design canvas (but only in the Editor; no need to worry about it showing up when you share or export). To turn the Grid off, simply click "Show Grid" again in the top toolbar to remove the checkmark next to it, and turn off the Grid.

A design canvas in the upgraded Venngage Editor shows a peach and black design entitled 'TLH's Crisis Education Support Programs'. A user clicks on 'File' above the top toolbar and a drop-down menu expands, displaying several options. The user clicks on 'Show Grid' and a light-grey grid overlays the design canvas. The user clicks on the magnifying button on the canvas to increase the magnification on the canvas, and the grid appears clearer. The elements on the canvas, like text boxes and icons, appear under the grid, making it possible for the user to line up the elements using the grid.


The upgraded Editor also offers tools for automatically distributing and aligning visual elements on the canvas. 

Turn the margins on or off

The Margins show a 1-inch border around the canvas. The margins are off by default. 

To turn them on or off, select File in the top toolbar and click "Show Margins". When the margins are on, a checkmark appears next to the "Show Margins" option in the File menu.

A presentation slide appears in the upgraded Editor, with a colorful icon and black text. A user clicks on File in the top menu and it expands. The user clicks 'Show Margins' in the menu and the margins appear on the slide. The user clicks on 'Show Margins' again and they are removed. 




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